How to get Skin and outfits in pubg mobile game in season 10 Update 0.15


Get Skin and outfits in pubg mobile game in season 10-

this update is based on Halloween mode when you play match than you will get random matches is Halloween mode. in Halloween mode you will see a blue mark  in map so when you land on the location of these mark you will charge Halloween so your Halloween percent going to filled. When Halloween filled take it on your hand and through in on earth and you will see some Rewards which is came in Crates Drop supply. when you update all your outfits than you will get extra reward in your notifications tab.

New Features Added-

  • Added FPP Training Ground.
  • Added Partner reward.
  • Added Rookie Mission.
  • Added a tab for message from players.
  • Added gift-giving animation.
  • Added Grenede finishes.
  • Added parachuting and gliding items.
  • Added closer views when you trying outfits in the shop.
  • Added vouchers.
  • Added Achievements.
  • Added Darkest night in wrangle map zombie mode type.
  • All players choose one of the partner poses.
  • Added shadow and improved it and also improved lighting,modeling.
  • Added daily rewards option.

Tier Rewards-

when you Reached maximum your tier you will get best skins outfits in every tier so play and increase your RP and complete your mission as soon as possible to get best tier rewards.

Diamond Tier– when You reached in diamond tier and complete your 5 matches and get kar98K skin free.

Ace Tier- when You reached in ace tier and complete your 5 matches and get Parachute free.
Conqueror Tier- when You reached in Conqueror tier and complete your 5 matches and get Outfits dress free.

Skin and Outfits-

M-24 Skin – you can get it by complete your 200 match in zombie mode. In the Zombie mode You jump out of the play zone and ho to as far as possible to finish match quickly. So you can complete all matches soon by this method and get this skin soon.

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